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Web Development

I have been building websites for the last 10 years. Starting out with straight html sites, and later moving onto other technologies. Currently my preferred tool for building sites is Wordpress.

Wordpress Websites

I currently work for several agencies generating WordPress sites for people. I also take on more bespoke work for clients should they need a more intricate site.

Wordpress Maintenance

I have experince with editing & creating several languages of web coding. including HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL to name but a few. I predominantly use open source coding languages as i believe this is the most versatile of coding languages.

Search Engine Optimisation

I have several years experience in helping companies with their search engine optimisation. SEO, as it's known, is how well your site performs in terms of search engine indexing based usually on a keyword you choose.

Automation and Integration

I am a big believer in automation and integration. I believe that if you are doing something manually that can be automated, you are wasting time, and more importantly - MONEY. I can help you automate as much of your boring admin tasks as possible, so you can focus on what you do best.

Wordpress websites
Wordpress Maintenance
Search Engine Optimisation
Automation & Integration

Some of myfriends

A few of the projects i have worked on



Gek00 was a business events directory system. Users could Add events listings to the site via the front end. The system was able to bill users for their events as well being able to set up free events.
Soundstyle UK

Soundstyle UK

Soundstyle UK is a website for an audio & lighting company. it is just a brochure site, but lists all sorts of different packages that the user may want to order.
Bicester Short Stays

Bicester Short Stays

Bicester Short Stays are a serviced accommodation business based in Bicester. you can rent rooms from them per night. Smiliar to a hotel, but better. They asked me to build them a website that links in with their bookings management system so clients can check availability...

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Some of My Images

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