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About Me

My Story

My Background

I have always been interested in computing, right back to when i was a child. my parents thought it would be best i learnt how to use a pc from a young age. Although it wasn't long before i started to research more and more about computers on my own, and thus overtaking them in their knowledge. I studied IT up to A-Level and it was around this time i first became aware of creating websites.

Where did i get my interest?

My interest in websites came whilst i was working for my families company. we provided several services, but the website i built first was for our wedding venue decor hire company. it was built in straight html & css using a software package called Serif. I quickly caught the bug and redesigned several of our own websites! I have recently taken to taking my own images for the websites i create. there are several reasons for this, although the biggest one being that my clients often don't have their own images for their new site.

How long have I been doing this?

As mentioned before, i have been working with computers in general & IT from a young age. i have been building websites for the last ten years, and been working in IT for the last nine. I currently have a full time job working in IT, and do this work as a hobby.

Why do I do this?

I love to build things, no matter what it is, a system, a website, a pc, or anything computer related. I tend to build things with a tech bias, and love to share my knowledge with other people. I believe that collaboration is the way the world moves forward.

What other interests do I have?

I love to play rugby, this is my main other interest. i play for my local team where i grew up, and love to get together with the guys and play a game. I also love sailing, although not having done any in a while, I am probably a bit rusty. I love the peace and tranquillity of the water. Another of my interests is fly fishing, again, i think this is partly down to the proximity of water. Lately i have not just been taking images for my projects, but taking them for fun, you can see my images on the image portfolio page.