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Fenton & Co

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Fenton & Co is a lettings agent based in the oxford area. they required my services to build their new website. Using WordPress, I created a site that automatically syncs with their lettings management system. This ensured that the site lists all current properties, and is automatically updated. this means they do not have to manually upload the properties to the site.


  • Search page – they wanted a custom themed search page with a map search. using the search page, users can see where all available properties are at any time.
  • Enquiries – they wanted users to be able to make enquiries about properties, this is done by way of a form on the property listing page
  • Registration – They wanted the user to be able to register on the site, and then subsequently receive emails with updates directly from the site when new properties are uploaded that meet their criteria


Fenton & co had a limited supply of content for me to work with. Part of my service for this site was to take some high quality, property based images to put on the site. they did provide some written content, for the about us page etc. At the time of writing, the site is still under construction, but should be completed within the next week.

Fenton & Co