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WordPress Maintenance

Keeping your website up to date is important! Below is some information why it is.

Security is arguably the most important reason why you should keep your WordPress website up to date.

WordPress currently powers 23% of all websites in the world. Due to it’s immense popularity, WordPress is a popular target for hackers, malicious code distributors, data thieves, and wanna be hackers.

Since WordPress is open source, anyone can study the source code to learn tand improve it. However it also means that hackers can study it too and find ways to break into websites.

Now the good part is that not all hackers are bad. There are a lot more good hackers than bad ones which means that security experts around the world can study the code and properly report security bugs / fixes. Every time a security vulnerability is reported, the core WordPress team works diligently to release an update that fixes the issue.

This means that if you are not using the latest version of WordPress, then you are using software with known security vulnerabilities. Hackers can search for websites running the older version, and you may become a victim of a sophisticated attack.

Not just WordPress itself, plugins can also be exploited by hackers. You need to make sure that all your WordPress plugins, themes, and the core itself is always up to date.

Each major WordPress release comes with new features and changes to the software. For example, WordPress 4.0 came with improved plugin install experience, 4.1 introduced inline image editing, and 4.2 came with faster plugin updates.

Now if you were using an older version of WordPress, then your WordPress experience would be a lot different than someone using the latest version.

You will have trouble finding WordPress help online because you are using an older version. Users on WordPress support forums will assume that you are using the latest version of WordPress.

WordPress developers are always trying to make things faster. Each new release comes with several performance improvements that makes WordPress run faster and more efficient.

For example, WordPress 4.2 improved JS performance for navigation menus, and WordPress 4.1 improved complex queries which helped with performance of sites using those queries.

Since speed is a huge factor in SEO, you should definitely keep your WordPress updated to ensure maximum performance benefits.

Despite the rigorous testing of major WordPress releases, sometimes bugs may slip through the cracks. That’s why there are timely minor WordPress releases (the ones with X.X.X) to account for that. For example, the most recent WordPress 4.2.3 update fixed 20 bugs from the 4.2 release.

Now if you go to WordPress support forums asking for help, the first advice you will get is to update WordPress because that may fix the issue. If you insist on not updating WordPress, then you will be unable to receive help.

Often plugin and theme developers coordinate their updates with major WordPress releases to ensure they’re taking advantage of newly available features and enhancements.

However in some cases, an update can break your existing WordPress plugins if they weren’t following the best practices and coding standards.

This is why it is crucial that you keep regular WordPress backups.

To sum this up, the only downside is that in some rare cases your site will break. However the upside is that you have:

  • Improved WordPress security
  • Cool new WordPress features
  • Faster WordPress experience
  • A bug free WordPress website
  • Better compatibility

Now that you know why it’s important to keep your WordPress site updated, let’s take a look at how to update WordPress.

I have actually written a blog post about why WordPress maintenance is so important.

Off-Site, Cloud Backups

We keep your website backed up on our cloud. this means you don't have to worry about your site failing, you can always restore to an earlier version and save your work. these can be run at hourly, daily, weekly and monthly intervals to suit your needs.

Search Engine Ranking

The SEO ranking tool gives you all of the key metrics in one place for your website. Not only that but it shows you your main competitors, saving you going out there and looking by yourself. It also gives you a timeline of how you rank, better or worse, and tracks your ranking position for you. Giving you the key to your market.

Website Security

We run security reports on your website to check for vulnerabilities, malware and if your site is on any blacklists.

Maintenance Reporting

We provide you with a report showing how well your website is doing. this includes reports of all the features we manage for you.

Website Analytics

We keep track on your site, and track how many visitors you're getting. this can also be linked up to your google analytics account as well.


We keep your most precious asset (your wordpress website) completely up to date. This includes all your plugins, themes, and also the WordPress core at the heat of your website.

Performance optimisation

we run automated speed reports for your site to aid in naking your site as fast as it can be.

Uptime Monitoring

Our website uptime monitor shows when your site is down, meaning the situation can be resolved as soon as possible.

Comments Management

We can manage all of your comments on your wordpress site. approving and rejecting as required. We also realise that this may be something you wish to do yourself, so this feature is optional.



Get your website protectced with our entry level plan. All items listed below run on a monthly basis.
Cloud Backups
Website Analytics
Maintenance Report
Security Scan
Performance Report
Best for people who are just starting out on their wordpress journey
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Includes everything on the basic plan, run on a weekly basis, plus everything below
1hr per month performance optimisation
Search Engine Ranking Report
Security Scan
Uptime Monitoring
Performance Report
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Includes everything on the basic plan, run on a daily basis, plus everything below
2hrs per month Performace Optimisation
24/7 Security Scanning
Maintenance Report
Security Scan
Performance Report
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